The Red Schwinn Bicycle
"A Sentimental Journey"

Ode to a Bicycle

My joy my life my red Schwinn Bike.
The paths we traveled both near and far
as guided by days light and evening star.
Oh, how I thirst to see you again and
take that one last ride as if I were ten.
Though we have parted you are not far away and
if you are in heaven I shall see you someday.
As God’s shining light brings me forward,
I will look back upon my life,
to cherish every moment with my red Schwinn Bike.
Lord, I pray I have lived right, for when I get to heaven,
I shall not want to ask in vain,
to let me ride my Schwinn again.
Oh, you my joy, you my life,
a small boy’s Ode to a red Schwinn Bike.

Barrie Bartulski

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