The Red Schwinn Bicycle
"A Sentimental Journey"
About the Book
An endearing and captivating story, The Red Schwinn Bicycle: “A Sentimental Journey” recounts the journey of one bike and the fun, selfishness, arguments, sadness, and fond memories that its presence creates for six boys.

The first owner, “Red”, receives the bike through a stroke of sheer luck when his mother wins her bet on a game of chance known simply as “the numbers”. While experiencing firsthand the ugliness of war and death on Iwo Jima as a Marine in World War II, Red envisions the good times he had with his bike to seek relief from fierce fighting with Japanese soldiers. Red must decide if he will pass the bike on to his brother Robert, and will nephew Richard become another owner of the bike. Jack, a neighborhood boy whose widowed mother cannot afford a bike, is allowed to use the bike, becomes a paratrooper and is sent to Korea. Barrie, who believes he will someday follow in family ownership of the bike, fights fiercely for the first time, with a brother he loves dearly over the bike. Tommy, an adopted, friendly little boy and newcomer to the neighborhood who also uses the bike will take it on its final ride.

A touching memoir, The Red Schwinn Bicycle is the story of how six boys’ lives are affected by the use of this enchanting and magnificent bike.
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